Is it possible to build in something so that folder names can be fixed automaticly.

Secondly is it possible to give a simple command to rewrite all files to id3v2(.3) only? (using write id3.2 utf-16, and removing all but them works, but not for ogg and flac which we happen to have a lot;))


No, doing this automatically is not planned. However, you can use the converter Tag - Filename to let Mp3tag create a new directory structure for you.

OGG and FLAC should not have ID3v2 tags at all, as they use Vorbis Comments as tagging format.


Just saying it would be nice to save all tags (so I get my wanted format in every file, incl ogg and flac), and then removing every other 'unwanted' tagging stuff (like idlyric and other crap).

If i do that now I have to be careful not to load ogg and flac.