Suggesttion Track number assistent

Prerequisite : 4 CD with 120 tracks. The CD-Number data was set correctly.

I want to renumber the tracks. There are to suggestions to make a better MP3Tag:

  1. Add a scond leading zero to theTracknumber. 2 Digits are not sufficient. May be make it selectable ?

  2. I want to number the tracks in that way : CD/Track or CD/Track/Tracknumbers. I want to have an option to add the CD-Number to the track field. Then i can maintain the CD-Tracknumber inside the track schema even for older players.

At least i can incooperate the schema CD-tracknumber into the Filename.

If anything is added to the tracknumber this has to be compatible with the players so that they know what is the CD number, what the track and what the total.
Right now I think only track and total can be interpreted in "%track% as the CD is stored in another tag. So this modification would not make MP3tag better but incompatible.

BTW: if you enabled leading zeros the zeros will be added to match the total. So if the total is a three digit number, up to two leading zeros will be added. I think that is quite clever.