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I would like to see added to the list of online databases. There are a lot of albums that come out in the UK (bonus track editions and compilations being the favourite) that are not available either in .com or .de



I guess you can take an existing Amazon source and simply change the .com or .de to, .ca or


is there an easy way to do that? I dont see any options to change in the settings


I meant editing the %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources\ file with Notepad. Simply replace ".de" with "" and then save the file as "".


I struggled by without knowing this for a while, before having the sense to search it on the forums. That's why i'm bumping it back to the top, to draw attention to it and to suggest this as a built in feature of the software.



I agree in support of this feature too

@sabastian mares - you really expect people to all that, it would be better if it was integrated into the application


I have added it to the download archive:


Mp3tag is pretty customizable and people can create and use whatever websources they want. Creating websources for all possible sites is something that users can do in order to help other users and I am glad dano and others are doing this job. Delivering Mp3tag with a bunch of websources that not everybody needs might be confusing for others.