Support for BMP format files for covers

When I want to attach covers to some music the program automatically sees "only" jpg, jpeg and png files. Unfortenately, sometimes I have covers in the bmp format and although it is not that hard to convert them to a jpg file, it always needs a couple of extra actions to finish tagging.

I would be very pleased if there is the possibility to support bmp files. Is there such a possibility or have I overlooked it somehow?

Me too, I do not understand why the filetype bmp is not supported by the file open dialog.

But you do not need to convert a picture file from filetype bmp to jpg in order to embedd it as a cover picture into a music file.
Simply copy the bmp file to the clipboard and then paste it into Mp3tag's cover picture area using the right click context menu.


I haven't even thought about that possibilitie. Nice tip though. I sure am gonna try that one.

Nevertheless it needs a few extra clicks to go to the folder where the bmp file is located, while the "add cover" option goes directly to the folder where the mp3's are located and where most of the time also the covers will be located.

So my question keeps on being valid, I think. :slight_smile:

This hardly seems worth it. I know the audio library software that I use most often - Squeezebox Server - won't even recognize bitmap files, as the system overhead needed to resize them to jpeg images for the user interface is too much for many of the platforms on which the server runs.

I think I could count on one hand the number .bmp files that I've downloaded over the years for cover art for over 3000 albums. Are you generating these when doing artwork scans or something? Surely your software lets you save scans as jpegs. A 600x600 24-bit bitmap file is 1 MByte in size, which is quite a waste.

Mp3tag stores image data as of MIME type image/jpeg.
Mp3tag does not resize the picture in its dimensions or aspect ratio.
Therefore a one color bmp file of 2400x1700 pixels of about 12 MB file size will be compressed by Mp3tag to image/jpeg data with a size of about 63 KB (rounded size by Mp3tag) resp. 64 KB (rounded size by Explorer) and inserted into the mp3 file. Other image data will result into smaller or bigger jpg size.
Mp3tag has no option to let the user adjust the quality of the jpg compression when putting the image in or out.
Mp3tag supports exporting of image data only with filetype jpg. ImageMagick reports a quality of 100 percent for the jpg file exported by Mp3tag.

Taking clipboard image data or external bmp file data and storing it as image/jpeg data into mp3 file is a unique process. The consumed time ("working hours", seconds, milliseconds) is negligible in the tagging process.

I think there stands no argument against reading in an image file of type bmp.


For the purpose of adding covers Mp3tag offers a file open dialog with one preset filetype "(.jpg;.jpeg;*.png)".

I suggest, that Mp3tag additionally should offer a preset filetype "All Files", respectively at least a preset filetype "(*.bmp").

So that, the user will be able to use this already open file dialog to see all of the image files of any type within this folder (or can navigate to other locations).
So that, even in the case Mp3tag would never support reading of bmp files, the user can use this open file dialog window to call an image related application, just by right clicking on an image file, for transporting the image data via clipboard into Mp3tag.


I have some podcast files that now has started to come with bmp cover art. I would like to change the earlier ones to that, too, so that all the files have the same cover.

I ended up using Tag&Rename, but I would prefer to use Mp3tag.

Thanks for the copy and past suggestion. Will try that next time.

Hello again, DetlevD,

You said:

I think you're mistaken here - v2.46a accepts .png without converting it (I checked an embedded PNG using a hex editor - it has MIME type image/png, and MP3Tag allows it to be extracted again as a .png file).

I'd agree with that, but it needs to be made clear to the user whether the file is being embedded as a bmp or whether it's being converted to jpg (or png). The ID3v2.3.0 standard implies that any image types are compliant (since it doesn't explicitly list valid types), but it does state: '"image/png" or "image/jpeg" picture format should be used when interoperability is wanted', suggesting strongly that these should be supported.

It's just about possible that someone might genuinely want to embed a bmp file (for whatever reason) and they could be annoyed if MP3Tag converts it without warning.



Yes you are right.
Mp3tag can handle jpg and png image data.
Trivial to see in the file open dialog as the default file extension
Also trivial to see in the file save dialog as the default file extension in relation to the stored MIME type.

The quoted sentence should be changed to:
Mp3tag stores bmp image data, which come in via clipboard by copy and paste as of MIME type image/jpeg.

Good point.

Thank you for your investigations and your insights.
The manual needs some words to clarify the given situation.


You can use (Quick )Action > Import cover from file to save bmp in the tag.