Support for cue files?


It's possible support for cue files?.

Nowadays most of the files I managed are in flac, ape, wv, in one unique archive. I have many problems because lots of cue files have no the information about title or artist for each track, and put the information one by one is very difficult to me.

Greetings. Pachu.

cue files are supported.
But you have to drag them separately into Mp3Tag. I you drag a folder into Mp3Tag, only audiofiles are read and cue files are omitted.

Ok, I'll try them.

Greetings. Pachu.

I have tried it and seems to works fine.

Only one thing:

The "PERFORMER" of the album is not put in it well. Seems mp3tag puts the last performer (when the disk has various artists). The performer in the tracks works fine.

Greetings. Pachu.

You have to use ALBUM ARTIST for the Performer of the album, not ALBUMARTIST (BAND if you are using an older version of Mp3Tag as stated in you forum profile) as it is standard for other files.
I have written a little "bug report" about this:
[F] cue files are not read when they don't start with TRACK 01 AUDIO

I am using your last version.

OK. I will try it.

Greetings. Pachu.

Ok. It works fine. Thanks a lot...

Greetings. Pachu.