Support for Kenwood Lossless format (.kls, ID3v2)

Thank you for wonderful and universal tagging tool.

The only thing I'm longing for is support for .KLS files (Kenwood Lossless format)

It contain ID3v2 tags. I'm successfully using MP3Tag to autotag files on my Kenwood HD60GD9 player, but each time I want to do it I need to globally rename all *.KLS files on it to *.MP1, use MP3Tag and then globally rename them all back from *.MP1 files on it to *.KLS (can't use mp3, because there are also some mp3 on it, tried to use .mp+ but player won't recognize those tags. MP1, though, works perfect!)

Please, add support for that format, I'm sure all Kenwood HDxxxx players owners out there will be ecstatic to find (at last!) auto-tagging utility that works for them :slight_smile:.

Sample .kls file could be downloaded from here

Thank you!