Support for MP4 multi-track files got lost?

The latest Mp3tag version does not seem to support multi-track files any more in the way it used to be in v2.86 (which I have been using so far).
My test file was created with foobar2000 and contains 2 tracks (AAC format) in 1 MP4 file.
Mp3tag v2.86 shows both tracks (2 lines) and I can edit their tags.
Mp3tag v3.04a only shows the file (1 line) and common tag data.
See the 2 screens attached.

On it says: Mp3tag v2.85 – This version adds support for Matroska (MKA/MKV) and improves handling of multi-track files.
I do not find any further note on multi-track files in info on subsequent releases that changed here.

What‘s wrong in v3.04a? How can I access and change tags for both tracks?
Thanks + regards

Did you check Tolls>Options>tags>Enhanced and the switch to show chapters as individual files and whether that makes the difference?

This option made the difference. It does not yet exist in v2.86 and was Off after installation of v3.04a. That must be reason why behavior changed with switch to v3.04a.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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