Support for Musicbee's rating field

Title says it all. I think MusicBee's superior to Winamp, Media Monkey or WMP and it needs some love!

And what does such a field look like?
As there is only one field identifier (POPM) for all the different players, I bet that you already see the Musicbee rating - provided that Musicbee writes and reads ratings from tags.
(E.g. iTunes ignores any rating in tags and uses only those from its own database.)

Can you see the rating stored by MusicBee as a POPULARIMETER field at the extended tag dialog?

Thanks for quick replies!
The only rating fields I found were: RATING MM, RATING WMP and RATING WINAMP which were all empty. No POPM or POPULARIMETER.

Before posting here, I was searching on MB forums and I found this thread:
According to the dev, mp3tag doesn't support music bee ratings, although they are stored in POP field.

Do you also have the option to write the rating to the music file enabled in MusicBee?

Mp3tag supports standard POPULARIMETER fields.

Yes, ratings are definitely saved to the files.

What's the exact name of that field? I looked for POPULARIMETER both in extended fields and information fields but I couldn't find it.

Please check the extended tags dialogue if you see any rating field.
It is a little hard to believe that the rating should be written to the file but it stays invisible, even in the extended tags dialogue.

What kind of files are these? MP3? MP4? FLAC? WAV?
If you have MP3: what kind of tags are in the file? ID3V2? ID3V1? APE?

I've just checked with MusicBee — it writes a POPULARIMETER field in the form MusicBee|255|0 to ID3v2.

Thanks for the support!

I'm sorry to have caused such fuss over this. I wasn't looking hard enough. All this time I was searching in view -> customize columns -> field -> extended fields, instead of just opening extended tags window!

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