Support for Performer ?


For tagging my FLAC files, I'm trying to follow the recommendation for the VorbisComments comments from the developers themselves :

     <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I'm starting using the PERFORMER tag, and I'm quite surprised that it's not listed in the long lists of tags in various places in the UI, for example when customizing the columns or when adding a field in the left panel.
I know I can add it by hand, but any reason why it was left out ?

Thanks a lot...


Hi Jean,

when building the list I was mainly concerned with the fact that Mp3tag users should know about the various fields that are mapped internally to ID3v2 frames.

Since VorbisComments (and also APEv2) allow for arbitrary field names, listing all of them is not feasible. And since there is no direct counterpart for PERFORMER in ID3v2, it doesn't appear on the list.

But as you've correctly stated: you can always add your own field names (and they're also remembered from then on).

Kind regards,