Support for video files

I was wondering if there are any plans to add support for video files (.avi, .mkv, ect) to batch rename. I just started using a new media center (Plex) and it is pretty specific on the way things are titled. A lot of my existing files don't match though, so it would be nice to rename all at once.

If there is support, great, can someone help me figure out how to get these files to show up in mp3tag.

In the mean time, does anyone have any suggestions for programs that can do this? I did a search, but the most recent was about 3 years old and had all dead links or programs.


MP4 files are already supported.
You can set which file(extension)s are read by MP3tag in Tools>Options>Tags.
MP3tag then shows the files in the files list but you cannot see any metadata if the filetype is not supported.

AVI does not have any metadata AFAIK.

Thanks. That makes sense why it won't work not having any metadata. Even though its not perfect, adding the .avi extension to the list makes it a little easier to rename the files. I can just double click instead of having to select rename from the context menu in in explorer.

You can use the Convert>Filename-Filename function to rename the file(s) ...
If you have a specific problem then post a real life example with the source and target names. Perhaps there is someone who can help.