Suppress file move confirmation?

I have an action: Format value "_DIRECTORY": [%year% - ]%album%[ - CD%discnumber%]

When I run it, I get may popup questions:

Are you sure you want to move this system file?

Even if a check the tickbox to not ask again, it still does for each folder I think.

Is there a way to prevent being asked?

This is on Win7 x64

As this is a message from the OS there is nothing that Mp3Tag can do about.
I think the only way is to disable the image-cache in Windows.
As far as I know gpedit does not exist in Windows Home-Editions.

Yep: Just let your folder know that you don't want this thumbs.db :wink:

Yeah, that works, but the files are on an external drive that gets plugged into various machines which probably don't all have that disabled.

If it is using winapi, maybe an option to pass FOF_NOCONFIRMATION would be good to add.

It's using SHFileOperation() and passing FOF_NOCONFIRMATION would also overwrite any existing files with the same names without asking.