Swap CD1 and CD2 tags and filenames?

Something went wrong and the songs of the first CD got tagged into the 2nd CD ID3 tag of a double album and vice versa. Is there a way for me to get MP3TAG to swap them without having to manually do it?

eg 101 is labelled with 201's ID3 tag and 201 has 101 ID3 tag. I already have an action for tag to filename - so thats not much of a problem .. i just need a way to swap the tags.

Take the files of cd1 and copy them to a dummy folder.
Then select the files of cd2 and press Ctrl+C
Select the files of cd1 and press Ctrl+V
Go to the dummy folder and select these files, Ctrl+C
Select files of cd2 and press Ctrl+V
Remove dummy folder and files.

Oh I didn't realise you can cut and paste info within MP3TAG like that! very cool! Thanks for your help!