Swap Titel and artist entries

Hi All,

is it possible to Swap Titel and artist entries?
for a mp3 cd the titelfield gives the artist name and on the artist field the song title.
is there a way to correct this.
i red some posts about this topic but i don't understand how to do the formating.
i use mp3 tag every day and i'm very happy with it.

Greetings from Holland and keep save.


use an action of the type "Guess value" (import tag field):
Source: %artist%===%title%
Format string: %title%===%artist%

(the === can be anything unique so that this part serves as separator between the 2 strings)

Hallo ohrenkino,

i will try this today.
thank you for the quick response.

keep save.


Magic, it worked.
thanks again.

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