swapping whats in parenthesis in title field to artist & moving artist to title field..


stuck on how to pull off this action..

tags currently appear on my tracks like this:

artist: Bob Marley & the Wailers
title: Three Little Birds (Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley Remix)

id like them to appear like this after changes:

artist: Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley
title: Bob Marley & the Wailers - Three Little Birds (Remix)

..if at all possible, i have many different 'types' of remixes. if there is an easy way to include a way to transfer what appears before the word remix or redit or edit or mashup to the artist field while moving the artist to the title field before the actual title.. i guess this is what i am trying to accomplish..


Don't do it.
You will not be able to keep it up as not all remixes and other versions feature an actual remix artist name.
Just an example with data from discogs for Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‎– Reload! Frankie: The Whole 12 Inches

Relax (New York Mix) 7:24
Relax (Ollie J Mix) 6:27
Relax (Jam & Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairy Tale Mix) 7:49
Two Tribes (Carnage Mix) 7:56
Two Tribes (Intermission Legend Mix) 5:15
Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Pleasurefix Mix) 9:40
Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Brothers In Rhythm Rollercoaster Mix) 14:37
Rage Hard (Young Person's Guide Into The 12 Inch Mix) 10:04
Warriors Of The Wasteland (Twelve Wild Disciples Mix)

The naming convention is: the artist stays the artist. No transfer of the mix artist into the artist field.
Also, with your naming scheme, the title field cannot be treated as the title field any more. It becomes an amorphous field with undistinguishable data as the hyphen can also be part of the real title.
If you still want to do the swapping, you will get a set of actions that move the strings around. Tricky will be the part where you separate the keywords from the others.

..i see what youre saying. however, a lot of my collection has already been edited to suit the new method of organization.

i understand that for many other users, the naming convention probably works for them as you are suggesting.. however, in the cases of my collection it doesnt really work for me. an example might be:

Artist: Britney Spears
Title: Toxic (XXX Remix)

this example would be the only Britney Spears song in my collection, where as i would have several XXX Remixes.. the goal is to be able to sift through my remix artists in alphabetical order rather than to sift through the original tracks artist.. for the bulk of my collection, its like this - where i have several tracks by a particular remixer rather than by a particular artist. i guess its a matter of convenience..

with my proposed action, i would of course use a filter and have to manually check through the tracks before proceeding with the action..

Action of the type "Guess value" for TITLE
Guessing pattern: %title% (%my_remixer%)
(This moves the mixartist into the user-defined field my_remixer)
Action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: %artist% _ %title%
(I use the underscore here as separator - just in case you change you mind later and want to extract the artist again)

Action of the type Format value for ARTIST
Format string: %my_remixer%
Remove field: MY_REMIXER

And now, as you will have several keywords, it may be easiest to create an action group for every keyword:
Append the keyword (here: Remix) to TITLE
Format value for TITLE
Format string: %title% (Remix)

Remove "Remix" from ARTIST:
Action of the type Replace for ARTIST:
Search string: _Remix
_ = blank
Replace string:
(leave empty)

You may want to fiddle about with $if() statements to have only one action group for this.

A personal comment: You will have to treat more or less every track you get tagged from web sources. And just as Britney Spears as artist is represented with only one track, you will experience, that this solitude is just as true for mixartists ... be that as it may.

thank you thank you thank you! this works so beautifully! really appreciate all of your help, i am learning a great deal through your examples!