SYLK Export


I have created the attached SYLK Export file (for Excel and co) and would like to get some feedback if this is working elsewhere.

Why SYLK? Let's not be distracted by the fact it is 500 years old. It still gives us the ability to click the file and have the data ready to be processed in any way in Excel. It should work in any Excel version since 2.01 (20 years old), as well as in Open Office, but also a good deal of database programs.

Kind Regards
Hubert (776 Bytes)

Hello 'Hubert Daubmeier', thank you for the SYLK export template.

Because Excel sometimes complains on errors while importing, ...
"kann Datensatz nicht lesen" resp. "cannot read record"
... there was the need to check the metadata in the media files and to have a closer look into the MTE export script.

So I made some modifications to the MTE export script to get rid of the import error message.
Attached is my current version as zip file. ( 4.18K ) Number of downloads: 3 (71 KB)
DD.20140501.1645.CEST, DD.20140504.2233.CEST (71 KB)

Cool. Thank you very much / Vielen Dank