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I'm trying to embed lyrics in my mp3s, and I found the Unsyncedlyrics field for the text only, without timecodes. If I want to insert karaoke lyrics (like those in .lrc files) I should use this phantomatic "SYnchronized Lyrics & Text" field, but even writing id3v2.4 tags (by the way, i don't throw away 2.3 because of its better general compatibility) I can't find it among the possibilities for tagging. Why?
Uh, and one last question: can mp3tag write lyrics3v2.00 tags?


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SYLT frame and lyrics3v2 tags are not supported.

Will there be future lyrics3v2 support?
Would be very convenient.

No, this is not planned.

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And what about id3v2 SYLT tag (synchronized lyrics) support?
Will Mp3tag support SYLT in the near future?

Another question:
Could you recommend any SYLT editor/creator application, which is:

  1. good
  2. compatible with Mp3tag

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Vyacheslav Maliuhin a.k.a. SLA80

MiniLyrics (builtin editor):

Jetaudio (builtin editor):

SYLT Editor (free standalone editor, in beta):