Synced Lyrics to FLAC files?

Hey everyone! So I'm someone that's trying to listen to more opera. I recently got a CD of Verdi's Italian opera Othello and am excited to listen to it. What I'd love to do is add synced lyrics so I can follow along (since I'm not great with Italian). I imported these songs to my PC as FLAC files, but realized that SyltEdit only works with MP3 files. So:

  1. Are there any programs out there that I can add synchronized lyrics to that support FLAC files?
  2. Any tips for doing this so I can read both the Italian & English translation (as if I was following along in the libretto?)? An example of this is the opening "A Sail!" in Act 1 I've included below:

A sail! A sail!
A standard! A standard!

Una vela! Una vela!
Un vessillo! Un vessillo!

Thanks for the tips!

Foobar2000 has some plugins/components that treat lyrics. I do not think that these plugins are file format specific.
These plugins look for a field and its format during playback - but they do not care about the contents. So you should be free to enter as lyrics whatever you like.

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Thanks! I'll give that a look

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