Synchronized lyrics (SYLT) support

ID3v2 has two dedicated frames for lyrics.

  1. USLT for unsynchronized lyrics.
  2. SYLT for synchronized lyrics.

Mp3tag only supports USLT under the name "UNSYNCEDLYRICS". This sounds a bit weird and inconsistent to me, as a lot of popular platforms like Minilyrics, MusicBee, JetAudio supports both the USLT and SYLT. Even though you can make it up by adding a user defined field into TXXX frame, it sometimes won't work properly as it's not the standard way according to ID3v2 standard.

May be consider adding support for SYLT for Mp3tag? (I know there are other software that supports this, but none was as good as Mp3tag). The support for SYLT does not necessarily need to have formatting/scrolling capability, simply being able to import data into SYLT frame is already a big step up.

Any comments from the developer about this will be appreciated.

see here:

@ohrenkino @Florian's answer was from Apr. '07.
Maybe he will change his mind?

Could be - but up to now there has not been a different comment although there have been a couple of similar threads.

Users are requested to use the search function before they post. Using the search would have lead more or less straight to the thread that I linked. So that one could have been easily continued - and made the point much more prominent esp. in respect to time span ever since this topic is en vogue.

Additionally, the linked thread provides links to tools with which one could accomplish the goal to get SYLT into the files - until the feature is implemented in MP3tag.

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Before posting, I actually did see that thread that you quoted

In that thread, Florian was saying “No” to the question of
"Will there be future lyrics3v2 support?"

lyrics3v2 is not related to USLT/SYLT frame in ID3v2 tag, lyrics3v2 is a totally difference tag, and is thus not related to the question I posted in OP.

Synchronized lyrics (SYLT) frame is part of the ID3v2 standard, and ID3v2 is hands-down the most used tag for the most used music format (i.e. mp3), thus the support for SYLT is much more meaningful than lyrics3v2.