Synchronized scrolling in Adjust tag information dialog?

I'm finding it very difficult to tag albums where the number of tracks exceeds the window size of the Adjust Tag Information dialog -- the two sides do not synchronize when scrolling, and it becomes almost a matter of guesswork as to how the tracks will get tagged.

Anyone else experience this?

Would it be possible to have the two windows scroll together, which each row always lined up with so that tracks get tagged as expected?


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I don't think I understand what two windows aren't scrolling you mean the tag panel?

He is talking about the web sources - adjust tag information dialog.

And he's right.
That would be a good thing.
+1 for this suggestion

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Here's a work around -

Click on the bottom song on the left panel.
Click on the bottom song on the right panel.
sroll the panels, but make sure you can still see the highlighted entry
when the highlighted entries line up, the you know you're synched

An equally annoying thing is that the fonts or line spacing or line sizes or something are slightly larger in the one panel than in the other, but again, i just work around it.


Even perhaps make the inner panels adjustable also.

Alternatively, it would be nice if the lines had numbers so you can find out if you have moved track x to the line that is displayed on the left.

Would love an update on this. I've loved the OPs post and with intention of this bump to drum up some new interest.


Mp3tag v2.94, released in 2019, added synchronized selection from files list to the results list at the Tag Sources dialog.

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