System Startup opens Mp3tag in maximized windows instead of minimized form

Recently I came to a conclusion that I am wasting time and clicks by clicking Mp3tag icon on the Taskbar and then selecting a pinned down to it playlist- just to see all of the my music files being loaded up to Mp3tag; which I needed to at some point 9 out of 10 times whenever I turned on the computer

So I created a simple shortcut file that has

Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "M:\All Music.m3u8"
Run: Minimized

And that Minimized parameter I chose on purpose because rarely do I start my work by using Mp3tag right away- so that it would start only sitting ready on the Taskbar thus not obscuring my view and so that I would not be "greeted" by a blinding big bright window at night time

Unfortunately it does not work- the system starts with Mp3tag being maximized. Does anyone know why and how to change this?

I am using Mp3tag 3.00 on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.356

Plus there is another issue with this shortcut: it creates new "temporary" icon on the Taskbar, ignoring the one that is placed on it by me; thus taking precious space on Taskbar and creating a slight chaos [because I expect Mp3tag to in the middle of my icons pinned to my vertical Tasbkar and not somewhere below them]

And this is the problem of the shortcut itself and not of this shortcut being used in the Startup folder, because if I close Mp3tag and execute that shortcut once more, then once again I see two Mp3tag icons on my Taskbar: one "closed" [that pinned one in the state of not being used] and the second "opened" [in the state indicating a software being used]. And this is plain in wrong state of dichotomy

Normally, a program like notepad.exe can be started minimized from a batch file like this:

start /min "" "C:\Windows\notepad.exe"  

But for Mp3tag it seems that @Florian set the window size and the max-/minimized property during the start on the fly, ignoring every other size changing command from a shortcut or a batch file.

Isn't this (again) a Windows and local configuration problem that has nothing to do with MP3tag?
Which is the default program to open a playlist?
(Or to put it in another way: if MP3tag is not the default program to open a playlist, then you get 2 icons in the taskbar - this will also happen with any other program that can be found in the taskbar but isn't the default program).

I just tested this in CMD:

start /min Mp3tag.exe

It opens Mp3tag in the maximized form

And may I add: before posting this topic I went through Tools > Options- only to be stunned by finding that the appearance of the software at its start is something that is not configurable by the user

So it seems than unless an upgrade is made to Mp3tag, it will always open itself being upfront, either mazimized or in a shrunk window and with the last position on the screen that it had - but never in a minimized form

I just put that to a test

I associated both M3U8 and M3U file formats with Mp3tag and even reseted the system. The playlists are now opened in Mp3tag [instead of Winamp] but that does not make that problem of duality go away; i.e. when executed the file All Music.m3u8 at M: or a shortcut to it opens Mp3tag with files being loaded to it utilizing the pinned Mp3tag icon on the Taskbar, but shortcut "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "C:\Program Files Expanded! AUDIO\MMMM.m3u8" is blind to that fixed icon and creates a new temporary one

So does anyone else get two icons?

I sometimes get two icons also for other software: Corel DRAW and Microsoft Excel. But that is because on this new system of mine [Windows 10] I am experiencing with them a profound delay and glitches in opening: sometimes apparently the system registers two separate commands as requests for two separate instances to be opened. This usually happens hen I click a pinned icon of them on the Taskbar and within few seconds also execute from a drive a file associated with them; or the other way around. But what is needed to be pointed out in regards to this:

1] This was not happening on my Windows 7

2] Others "big" software like Photoshop does not succumb to such glitches on my Windows 10

3] Both Corel and Excell create second instance and not just an icon

4] Both Corel and Excell create its extra icon / second instance next to the pinned one, while Mp3tag not only choose to ignore its already present on the Taskbar icon but also literally distance itself from it

5] Mp3tag does not have a delay in opening [except for that 1-2 seconds before the files start to be loaded, but that is delay within the progress bar loading and not of the overall software start]

Please do not compare apples and oranges.
These programs were originally multi-document-interface programs which MP3tag never was. It is not possible to call a second instance of MP3tag.

As far as I remember there were 2 sections in W7: one for program icons to click on and another one where the currently running programs/currently opened documents were shown - this is different in W10, intentionally, no glitch.

How did you do that?
Anyway: it is enough to add MP3tag as application to open that file type.
Right-click on a playlist file and select "Open with" where you add MP3tag and you will not get a second entity on the task bar.

By selecting a sample file, right clicking on it, selecting Open with from the shell menu, selecting further Choose another app and finally checking the box Always use this app to open before clicking Mp3tag icon

The goal is to have Mp3tag opened but:
1] automatically after entering the system
2] with a chosen set of files
3] in a minimized form [which is currently not possible]
4] "using" its icon pinned to the Taskbar

1] automatically after entering the system -> Windows configuration outside MP3tag
2] with a chosen set of files -> user selection, data preparation outside MP3tag
3] currently not possible
4] "using" its icon pinned to the Taskbar -> Windows configuration outside MP3tag

It is probably doable with Task Scheduler and Autohoto Key

But I just find it revolting that it cannot be done with a simple shortcut that should be working as intended

I am sorry but every other piece of software that I use has no problem in opening itself with usage of its pinned icon; and every piece of software that has a pinned icon on Taskbar in a situation when that software creates another window / "sub-instance" it does that visually by adding another icon next to that pinned down one and not at the end of all pinned icons

So I must be real lucky to have my Mp3tag striking gold, where gold is a behavior not displayed by any other software. Thus it is either only Mp3tag that can strike such gold behavior or it just happens that it is me who has only one piece of software that can work in such ways

I cannot look over your shoulder so I don't know what you are really doing.
I simply cannot reproduce your observation that MP3tag shows itself twice once MP3tag has been added to the list of applications to open a certain file type.

My playlists have been grabbed by VLC as standard program, also available are Editor, WMP and meanwhile MP3tag.
Before MP3tag was added to the list of applications to open a certain file type there was that what you observed: a duplication.
I would say that this behaviour is a result of the local windows configuration - and not that of MP3tag. Windows governs the taskbar, not MP3tag.

Sadly you are probably right

I had and still have so many issues with Windows 10 that such another counter productive behavior displayed by it towards me is in a matter of fact something that I should be expecting at this point

And taking into consideration what would have to be done to take care of the whole situation [points 1-4], it would be unwise from me to spent any single minute more on this- because the time saved on successful implementing this would start to be saved after years of using it. And by that time I can be either dead or new update of Windows might once again destroy my setup