Systematic rescan at each launch

Hello, I don't understand how this program works (version 3.22). At each launch it rescans the Music directory each time (17000 files) it is very slow and not acceptable. Whether with the Portable version or the Standard version, moreover the Standard version completely blocks the taskbar (Windows 11) for me to the point of having to restart the PC.
How to memorize the contents of the Music directory.
Thanks in advance.

See Options>Directories to set where and how MP3tag should start.
Reading an extensive collection goes quicker in many cases if the library is switched on.
See Options>Library

And from a philosophical point of view:
MP3tag is a program to tag files so that the stored information gets better and more complete.
Once after this information has been updated, the files can stay as they are and be left alone and do not have to read again.
If, on the other hand, files get modified by third party programs, then the files have to be read again - and as it is not clear, which file that has been, all the files have to be read.

Activate the Library.

Please also read the "Further Tips and Troubleshooting"

Can you elaborate on this comment? If the mp3tag window is maximized, it should cover the current screen, but sit above the taskbar. If it is in a floating window, it should be resizable like any typical window.

But in neither case should they float over the actual taskbar. Do you have some custom setting for the taskbar that would alter the normal use?

OK, I activated the Library Option as advised here, and indeed it now loads very very quickly.
Thanks for that.
As for Windows 11 taskbar crashing, this ONLY happens if you quit MP3tag and relaunch it immediately. If we wait a few seconds before restarting it, the problem does not occur.

Thanks again to all of you.