Tab Delimited Files


Hopefully a quick question:

How do I apply a tab-delimited tagfile to tags? I'm importing and exporting to a large master spreadsheet (Excel). Exporting works like a champ, using $char(9), but I'm not able to import from the newly created file.

I use a lot of commas within the tags themselves, so I haven't considred a .CSV file.

I've considered other characters for delimiting, but then export and import to the spreadsheet becomes very difficult.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,



Hi Jeremy,

you can easily import from a tab delimited file using the converter Taglist-file - Tag. To add the tab to the formatstring, you have to copy the Tab char from a text file to the edit field (using [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V]).

Bes regards,
~ Florian