tag album with album and cd

i have the following directory structure:


how can i automatically write the tag for %album% with both the album and the cd number out of the directory structure?

Use Convert>Filename-Tag

no sorry i want both the album-name and the cd-number to be inside %album%

Do you have the CD number already in the field DISCNUMBER?
If not, do the import as described above, then execute an action of the type
Format value for ALBUM
Format string: %album% CD %discnumber%

Just a personal note: don't do it.
You end up with separate lists for the each CD in the players and you although you know that the track is somewhere on "The Wall" by Pink Floyed, you still have to scan through both lists.
So, I would prefer 1 album "The Wall" and to see which track is on which CD a track is located, I would add the discnumber in front of the track number.
Track 1, CD1 would become 101, track 3 on CD2 would have the number 203

The advantage of this approach is also that you can get rid of the discnumber eassily with an action: Format value for TRACK, Format string: $mod(%track%,100)

thx a lot thats exactly what i was looking for.

but i will stick to this approach, because at least my old ipod mixes up the albums with more than one cd, even if i have the tag disknumber :frowning:

with albums that have for every cd a seperate album name i just interpret them as different albums. no problem, i can find whatever i want and i will just play the disk i want to hear, as on a cd-player, only one cd can be inserted :slight_smile: