Tag AutoSave in Version 2.61a


In the previous version 2.59 I was able to set a parameter to do tag autosave. It also renamed my files automatically. Where are the settings in 2.61a??

Temporarily I am reverting back to 2.59

Thanks in advance for any help.

Jerry B

Nothing has been changed in this respect. So if you old settings really did all you claim then an update installation should behave in the same way.

You could check File>Options>Tags and see if "Navigation automatically saves tags" (or something similar) is tícked.

MP3tag has never automatically renamed files.

Hi ohrenkino

Thank you for your quick response.

I found my problem. I did not click on the word TAGs and only searched the Tags dropdown.
I did not mean that the program automatically saved filenames. After I do my edits I do a

Again. Thank you for your quick response.

Jerry B