Tag Autosave on selection change?


One of the aspects that I do not enjoy is having to hit Save for each tag after doing an edit. Is there anyway to set up an autosave function, so that the changes save when I move to the next tag?

I realize I can edit more than one tag at a time, but if I am correcting the Title name, I have to do them individually.

Thanks for any suggestions

Edit the tag in the file listing pane, not the tag panel.
It will apply the changes just as you desire.

In the settings (Tools > Options) go to 'Tags' and enable 'Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click'. When you make edits in the columns on the right (not the Tag Panel on the left) it should be largely unnecessary to use Save.

What I do:

I typically edit only a single album (the contents of one folder) or a single artist's albums (the contents of a single folder containing multiple album folders). For editing anything for individual files, usually just the TITLE and sometimes the TRACKNUMBER field, I use the columns on the right. For editing fields in all files that are selected, such as ALBUM, ARTIST, GENRE and YEAR, I use the Tag Panel on the left and hit Save.

Amazing what a single check box can do.

thank you both.