Tag based on existing tags

Loving mp3 tag having used it for years. I have a question hopefully someone can help with.
I regularly add music to my collection that I already have by buying albums where I already have several of the tracks. I have got a tagging system that allows me to choose my favourite above the other copies but each time I add the new content I have to manually update quite a few tags that apply only to me (such as rating).
Is there any way to take files in the mp3 tag console, look up other mp3s in the console (or perhaps a csv) and where title and artist match copy some tag data from one to the other?
So for example add new material, find matching artist+title, copy rating to new material (if I could make this work for one field I could customise the others)
Many thanks

You will be disappointed.
MP3tag does not know anything about the surrounding files.
MP3tag does not compare tags between files.
MP3tag does not guess or suggest which files might be similar to others.

Yet, you can load all the files that you know come from one album select at least one file from the old ones and then use the already existing data as template for the new ones - you see the data in the drop down list.
Alternatively, you can select one file, copy the tag, select all the new ones and paste the tag there - the template data will be pasted to all files. You lose all individual data like TITLE and TRACK, though.

There is an export function and the Convert>Text file-Tag function that allows you to transfer specific data from files to other files. But I think that way is more complicated and takes longer than the approach via Tag panel or copy & paste.