Tag case option


I'm using Mp3tag 2.36 and tagging Flac files with vorbis comments. I thought that there was an option to set the case of tags (not the data in a tag) to either upper, lower or mixed case. Was this removed at some point or is it still somewhere that I can't find?

Here's an example of a file that I just tagged. Looks like I'm getting mostly uppercase tags, which is what I want, except that several are mixed case for some reason.

METADATA block #2
  type: 4 (VORBIS_COMMENT)
  is last: false
  length: 185
  vendor string: reference libFLAC 1.1.2 20050205
  comments: 9
    comment[0]: TITLE=1999
    comment[1]: COMPILATION=0
    comment[2]: ARTISTSORT=Prince
    comment[3]: ALBUMSORT=1999
    comment[4]: TRACKNUMBER=1
    comment[5]: Album=1999
    comment[6]: Artist=Prince
    comment[7]: Genre=Rock
    comment[8]: DATE=1983

Tags' keys case

As far as I can tell it was in the last version but not the latest version. It does say in the release notes that the option was removed. I was doing the same - using the upper case tags. It should not make much of a difference to most applications, but things start to look a bit messy if you metaflac for a list. It would be good to understand the current strategy as I get the same as you, some upper and some lower. And a whole bunch of scripts i had stopped working as the match was case sensitive. This is easy to fix in the scripts, but it would be useful to know what the current behaviour is ... and why the option was removed (is it dangerous in some way?).




Thanks. I missed that in the release notes. It didn't occur to me that the option would be removed on purpose, so it never dawned on me to look there.

Florian, can we convince you to add this option back? Like hdarwen, I like having control over the tag case for the many times when I view the tags in other applications.

I think I've also requested the ability to sort the tags by tag name. This also would make reading the raw tags much easier by essentially fixing their order in all of my music library.


I've gone back to 2.35f to get this feature back. It's the latest version I have saved before it was removed in 2.35something. Hdarwen, PM me if you'd like me to email this version to you.

Is there any chance that this feature can be restored? Thanks.


Yes, there is - but not as an option but probably as a new action type.

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Thanks. That would work very well.

There would need to be the ability to operate on all tags so that existing tags that aren't in the specified case are also saved with the desired case. I believe that's how the global option worked whenever a new tag was added or an existing one modified.


There is a new field named _FIELDNAME for the Case conversion action type which should do the trick :slight_smile:

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Thank you Florian. That's wonderful. It works very well. :slight_smile:

Would I be correct in assuming that if I leave "Words begin from/after any of" blank that the rule will match all field names?