tag changes not registered even after saving?

I'm new at this (just started an hour ago) but basically I got mp3tag because I had some music that i was syncing to my mp3 player didn't have an artist so some songs would show up in the 'Unknown' artist folder. I went in and changed them all to the right artists with mp3tag, and saved them all. but when i open up Windows Explorer to see the files, hoping to resync them with the right info, they hadn't changed and some were still missing artists. I know it may be something simple but like i said I'm new at this and can't seem to figure it out. Any help is appreciated. :smiley:

I've been experiencing precisely this behaviour for quite some time now (I've been using MP3Tag editor since before Windows 7 came along), and it's always happened to me, even with the latest version (which is now v2.52). This insanity happens when I use the application on both Windows XP and Windows 7. When I discovered your post, I was disappointed to see no one had replied. Within MP3Tag Editor, after making changes, I can go back to the file I've editted, and it shows the change has been applied. However, I find this is often a false positive (have to close and re-launch MP3Tag Editor for it to "tell the truth"). If I close the application, and have it reload the tags from the music, I often find many of my edits haven't been applied. I also find it takes two or three attempts at changing, closing the application & reloading, before the alterations "stick."

Does anyone have an answer for this?

Heck, I became so annoyed with this behaviour that I tried a completely different MP3 Tag Editor, and to my surprise it behaved in precisely the same manner!! I'm very experienced with computers, and my experience tells me I'm doing something "wrong" if the same thing happens in two different applications written by different developers. But what am I potentially doing wrong? Would love to have someone shed some light on this...

My apologies for digging up a post from 3 years ago...

You would have to have a look at what kind of tags you read and which are present in your files.
THe culprit is usually APE.
This dominates (in MP3tag) all other tags.
So what you should do is the following:
Read the files that do not behave in the way they should.
Set a filter (press F3 to get the filter input box at the bottom) and enter:
%_tag% HAS APE
If this displays any files: there you have it.
Set Tools>Options>Mpeg
Read: APE, V1, V2
Write: V1, V2
Delete: APE, V1, V2

The select all files, cut the tags with the the context menu function and insert them immediately afterwards.
Now check if your files show all the information you want after you have edited them.

Thanks for the input. Only two or three of my files had APE, and the issue was occuring with the files that had both V1 and V2 tags. However, after more digging on the forums, I came across another post very similar to yours. They indicated that in order to avoid the issue where tags weren't always saving, to stick with only one tag type.

Post is found here:

save tag

I've already changed all of my tags to IDE3v2.3 using the process you outlined, but have yet to try editting a bunch of tags to see if the issue is resolved. Prior to the change, almost all of my music used both V1 and V2 tags. As I type this, I'm only writing v2 tags now.

Just a thought - since this issue occurred with some (but not all) files with both IDE3v1 & v2 files, would it be possible there was corruption somewhere? The cut & paste feature would essentially correct this, since the cut is clearing the tags.

You could also send your files through the mill of mp3val (freeware program to check mp3 integrity). Sometimes problems with the integrity of files leads to unexpected tag display.