Tag changes not saving

I am encountering a very hard problem on a handful of files in my music library which is all in a .wav format. Of the over 8000 songs, 99% can be edited and saved successfully without any problem. There is a handful of files that no matter what I try the tag information is not saved. They cannot be saved in MP3tag, nor can they be saved using any other program (I have tried 3 others). There is no error, or indication of a problem, the information is simply not saved, and MP3tag never shows an immediate update in the fields such as artist. The files have been double checked, and all attributes such as read only are removed or were never present. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Try to load and save them again with a wave editor, preferably that one that wrote the other files that cause no problem.
Then see if the behaviour improves.
It could also be that the files have the wrong extension and are of a different type than wav.

Thank you for your kind advice. The files were ripped using Jriver media center. I went back to that program, and loaded the files then altered the Tag information and resaved. Unfortunately, there was no change in the behavior. None of the tag information was saved, and when I opened the new files with MP3tag there was no saved data, and I could not save using MP3Tag, or through windows or another tag editor. I did double check and these files are definitely .wav files. It's very odd behavior. Could there be a corruption to how these files save data? I did try to rename the files and resave to see if it would help, but no such luck. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

On closer inspection, I think these handful of files are corrupt. They will not play, so that may be the answer - file corruption is the culprit. Thank you for you help.

Try co convert them with a number of free converters to some lossless format like FLAC or WV, and then back to WAV [with the same software], That way you might save your files

And to avert this problem in future: change the audio editor and / or drive