Tag Changes not taking effect.


Sometimes with MP3Tag, I will try to alter the tags for a group of mp3 files but MP3Tag won't actually change anything. The progress bar will move across. It will say the changes have been made successfully, but nothing actually changes. The file permissions don't show anything out of the ordinary (ie. they're not read only - checking w/ winxp sp2 explorer). I don't know what's up.


Please post your settings at Options > Tags > Mpeg. Maybe the tag type written to the file is different from the tag type read from the file.

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Looks like it might be the problem. Here you go:

Tags > Mpeg

[X] ID3v1
[X] ID3v2

[ ] ID3v1
[X] ID3v2
[ ] APE

[ ] ID3v2 only if ID3v1 is too small
[X] Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16

[X] ID3v1
[ ] ID3v2

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Can you please disable reading of APEv2 tags or remove the APEv2 tags from the files? Maybe your files have MP3Gain information within an APEv2 tag.

To be sure what tag types are stored in the file and which tag type is displayed, just add a new column to Mp3tag's file view via View > Columns... and use $if(%_tag%,%_tag_read% (%_tag%),n/a) as value.

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~ Florian


You Sir, are smart in the head.



I have a similar problem, that the tags are not being updated for some albums correctly.

My situation is that the first track of the album is being retagged but all other tracks are being ignored...

but on looking at the TagF as I called it I noticed thatt he Codec fields are different. The first track, of all the offending albums are MPEG III whereas the other tracks are MPEG II

Any suggestions, which tool is free / cheap that will fix MPEG II to MPEG III?

Many thanks in advance


What do you mean with MPEG III - there is no such thing as MPEG III.