Tag Cleanup: Clearing all non-standard / ID3 tags?


I'm basically trying to do a cleaning pass on all my music to remove all non-ID3 tags that might be present. I'm able to easily clear ID3 data from fields that I don't care about, but what about "hidden" or "custom" fields that you can't see? Maybe the user uses a DJ program that adds custom tags for something and you never even know they are there? How would you do a complete clean of these non-standard tags?

Now, I do know about the "Remove Tag" feature and the options associated with it. I've set MP3TAG to NOT remove ID3v1/2 tags when doing "Remove Tag" (I can do those in bulk myself manually) but from my experimentation with "Remove Tag" this doesn't remove custom or hidden non-ID3 fields.

Can someone give me some insight on the best methods for cleaning / clearing out all non-standard / ID3 data that might be hiding in MP3 files?


There are action type like "Remove all tags except" or "Remove tags".
If you apply the "except" action then enter a list of fields that you want to keep. All others will get deleted.

I hadn't looked at the actions stuff yet - thanks. I'll take a look.

The "Remove all tags except" action worked great. Just had to add the fields I wanted to keep and everything else was removed.

Thanks! Awesome program!