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First question on the forum, so please be gentle :smiley:
I looked and looked online for the answer to this issue, but couldn't find exactly what I am looking for, so here it goes:

I have a huge library of classical music that I wanted to edit, and wouldn't like to spend years doing it.
It is structured in the following way:
C:\Music\COMPOSERS\3 - Baroque\PACHELBEL, Wilhelm (1653-1706; Germany)\Motets (Capella Sebaldina Nürenberg, Jacob)
From this path, I would like to extract only the composer (in this case "PACHELBEL, Wilhelm (1653-1706; Germany)".

The issue is that some other albums have slight alterations at the end (after the composer field, the CD count for example):
C:\Music\COMPOSERS\3 - Baroque\PACHELBEL, Wilhelm (1653-1706; Germany)\Complete Organ Works (Silbermann) [10CDs]\CD 01

Until now I was trying to convert filename -> tag with this string (C:\Music\COMPOSERS\3 - Baroque\%composer%\%dummy%\%dummy%)
The issue is that if the filepath has more layers, this string doesn't work transversally, and some results will have selected "3 - Baroque" as the %composer%.

I am sure there has to be a simple way to solve this, so any help would be very much appreciated!

If a pattern does not match, then use a filter first for those that have
And then for those that do not have that pattern.

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That is certainly theoretically possible, the issue is that the library is so big, and with so many different folder 'terminations', that adjusting the filter in that way would amount to doing it almost to each individual album.
So let me ask it another way, is it possible to define a filter in a way that it works from the deeper root level to the surface folder levels, or in other words, from left to right of the address?
Because what I really need is just to extract the information on the 5th folder level (the composer), and that one never changes. What changes is the 7th or 8th or 9th folder level, which some albums have and some don't.
Thanks again!

Have you tried using the same base idea using Actions (Quick)>Guess Values?

Using the last dummy tag above should account for anything beyond the first 5 slashes.

I was hopeful with your solution, as I have never tried with the Actions options, but alas, nothing happens, and the composer field stays blank...

I created a folder path exactly the same as what you showed for your example above. C:\Music\COMPOSERS\3 - Baroque\PACHELBEL, Wilhelm (1653-1706; Germany)\Complete Organ Works (Silbermann) [10CDs]\CD 01 and copied one music file into it.

Highlight the track. Using the Actions (Quick)>Guess Values set the first selection box Source Format as %_folderpath% and the second box Guessing Pattern as C:\Music\COMPOSERS\%dummy%\%composer%\%dummy%

This resulted in setting the COMPOSER field as PACHAELBEL, Wilhelm (1653-1707; Germany) which is what you were seeking. The number of folders after the composer are not important using this method.

You can expand the number of selected tracks and test this further. Then you can run it on the rest of your tracks once you have confirmed the correct results.

In your string are back slashes and missing back slashes. As the forum software "eats" back slashes unless you embed the string in accent graves it is not clear what your string really looks like. You should edit it by marking the complete string and then format it with CTRL+E (preformated text).
The string should look like this:
C:\Music\COMPOSERS\3 - Baroque\%composer%\%dummy%\%dummy%

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for your answers and for the info.
Special thanks to MotleyG, your solution was precisely what I needed!!
When I tried it before, I had %composer% on the source format, therefore it didn't work, my bad.
I have managed to expand on this 'technique' to tag my music much faster now.
Much appreciated!

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