Tag Conditional Format

I need to have an action to conditionally format the ALBUM Tag. This action must search the FILENAME Tag for particular “word/s” and if found then it will fill-in the ALBUM Tag with “specific text”, if not it leaves ALBUM blank.


Any hint please?

You can use the filter to limit the display to just the required files like
%_filename% HAS Greatest
Then modify the album with "specific text".

If you want more specific examples, you would have to be more specific about the input and output conditions.

Give something like this a try to see if it produces the results you are looking for:

Action: Format Value
Format String:
$if($strcmp(%filename%,'SEARCH CRITERIA'),'TAG FORMAT IF MATCHED',%filename%)

you can increase the amount of search criteria with the $and OR $or functionality

Thanks for the response. I need to modify the above script so that the SEARCH CRITERIA in IF to search only for a particular word instead of the whole text in the tag.

any suggestion how to format ALBUM tag based on searching only for a particular word in FILANAME?