Tag data not being shown

There is a bug in 3.03 that happens specifically when I update the metadata of an .mp3 (add lyrics) using a different program. mp3tag will then fail to display the "year" metadata. It will show up as "blank" even though the metadata does exist (verified by checking file directly through windows).

please fix!


Which other program could that be?
Which tags do you have in your files? Also APE?
What do the settings look like in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg? Do you read APE tags?
What does the extended tags dialogue show?

Please check.

It is the program Free Lyrics Finder.
I have attached pictures so you can see what is happening. I add lyrics in Free Lyrics Finder.
Then mp3tag no longer displays the year.
In "extended tags" it looks like it does not read the year correctly anymore? windows properties shows the year still so the value is still there. ???


"extended tags"

Also I will note that I only had this problem after updating to 3.03 from a build that was 3 years ago. (cant remember the version)

I see that you have Lyrics3v2 tags in your files. I think that these tags are from the ID3V1 family - but Lyrics3v2 tags are not supported by MP3tag.
Also, apparently you have written the data for YEAR not to the V2.3 tags - or the program that writes the lyrics to that strange tag is the culprit.
You could check whether the year is still there but only in the V1 tags if you switch off to read V2 tags.
You would have to get rid of the Lyrics3v2 tags, actually.
The correct field for lyrics is UNSYNCEDLYRICS.


Sorry the above is the correct "extended tags" after i have edited with Free Lyrics Finder.
How is it effecting the year? It makes no sense.

Especially because windows still shows the year....

Further investigation:
I set it to ONLY read ID3v1 and "year" displays correctly. When I set read to ID3v2, "year" shows blank. Even though I have ID3v2 write selected when i initially save the year. "Year" is the only category this happens with.

Found out the problem. I reinstalled "Free Lyrics Finder". Everything is working now. Somehow the program was corrupt and was writing blank into "year" on ID3v2 tag. Go figure. Thanks for your help, you may close this thread! :slight_smile:

If the tags got out of sync and you have a program that only writes V1 tags but you read V2 tags in MP3tag then you do not see the contents of the V1 tags as MP3tag prioritizes V2 tags over V1 tags.
You should still get rid of the LyricsV2 tags, though.
For this, set Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg that you only delete V1 tags,
load the files,
cut the tag
save the tag (Ctrl-S).
This should remove the Lyrics tag (and the V1 tag) but saving the tags again writes all tag versions that you specified again to the file(s).