TAG deletion -> File size doesn't decrease



I use mp3tag for a long time ! Thks for it.

The problem I have is that sometime, I delete obsolete TAG but the file size doesn't decrease.

It would be great to have the possibility to adjust the file size depending on the TAG size.
Not necessary each time a TAG is modifed, but a function that give us the possibility to say :
"OK this is the final TAGs elements list I have, I will not modifiy them anymore. Adjust the file size to them."....



I think that the cluster size on hard discs is somewhere in the range of 256 Bytes and 4k.
4k of bytes is the equivalent of roughly half a page A4. That would be an awfully large text in tags.
think that the only way to see a notable effect is to remove the artwork..., use a program like mp3packer to strip all non-mp3 data and re-write the shortened tags ...
Is this effort worth the minimal benefit?


You right, but in the same time this few empty information place can generate the use of a new cluster......
But you also right, in the main case It is artwork modification......(decrease artwork size stored in each file).

First I use FLAC mp3packer seems to be for ... mp3 :slight_smile:
OK if I use FLAC it means that I don't really need space, and you still right.
It was just a little request, I won't stop using mp3tag for such thing.
Don't know if it is simple or not to do it.....
No problem... :smiley: