Tag Destroyed


Ola,,,I have used Mp3tag for many years. but last weeks i had a problem...when i made i a tag in Mp3tag2.38...and than saved the tag...WindowsMediaplayer10 couldn't play that song,,,the way to make WMP10 play that song is to put the information by hand into the tag or convert all of the songs again. When i went to my music map en open it all of the tag information are gone or incomplete...but when i load the music into Mp3tag again sometimes the tag information is correct or some of the tags...mostly the Titel, Genre or Album are incomplete. If i try to change the incomplete tags another tag wil be incomplete. what is this problem? is this an explorer problem?


I really don't know. Maybe you can try the suggestions from this topic.

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Thank you for your attention,,,in the days after i put my message the problem become worse,,,all of the information in the music map has gone,,,the only that you've could read was the artist name, type of the music (mp3 0r Ogg), title of the song,,,i become so desperade that i unstal WMP10 for a few days,,,i used Foobar2000 to fix all of the tags info,,,after i repare all of the tags,,,in instal a new WMP10,,,confugared that it has no associan with any of the songs,,,till now it works...