Tag details of '128kbs bitrate albums' to '320kbs bitrate album'

Hi friends...

I have lots of music albums with Bitrate: 128kbs. Tag details are well formatted.
I have the above same music albums with Bitrate: 320kbs also. But no proper tag details except track number.

Now my question is, how can I easily transfer tag details of 128kbs bitrate albums to 320kbs bitrate album with MP3tag?

Load both albums. Make sure both albums are grouped togehter and show the same sequence of tracks.
Select tracks from 128kbit album
Copy tags (context menu)
Select tracks from 320kbit album
Paste tags (context menu)

yes..... :rolleyes: worked it.

Previously I am trying with single single tracks only. Through selecting multiple tracks as your suggestion, working very well.

Thank U