Tag display with foobar2000


sometimes I have a problem with removing tags and change them as I want them to be. First of all I must tell you that my computer knowledge is nuuullll so I don't really understand what's IDt3 blah blah really are. :stuck_out_tongue:
Usually when I want to change some tags here's what I do:
file/ change directory, I add the folder I want to change. Then I select all the songs, and I just fill the artist, album etc. For the titles of the songs I just click on each song, change the title and then click: file/ save tag.
Sometimes it works fine so when I play the album with foobar, I can see the tags I have put, but some other times the tags remain as they were before.
I'm 100% sure that I must be doing something wrong because of my ignorance :unsure:
so could anyone plz tell me what am I doing wrong?
thanks and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Hi Nakkiel,

you can try the command Database, Reload info from files from the right-click menu of foobar2000 when the modified tags won't show up the next time.

Best regards,
~ Florian


hi Florian,
I did what u said, but still nothing changes.
its foobar's problem I guess cause when I play the songs with winamp I can see the changes I did in the tags.
thanks for your reply anyway
cheers :slight_smile:



foobar2000 reads ID3v1 and APEv2 Tags by default (first APEv2, and if no tag found it tries to read ID3v1). If you have the foo_id3v2 plugin in your components directory, foobar2000 is even capable of reading/writing ID3v2 Tags. Winamp reads ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags.

So, if you're writing ID3v2 Tags with Mp3tag (see Options, Tags, Mpeg for settings) and haven't configured foobar2000 to read ID3v2 Tags (see Preferences, Playback, Input, Standard inputs, MP3 tag writing for options) you'll only get the ID3v1 Tags or existing APEv2 Tags with foobar2000. Please try to inform you a little bit (you might search the foobar2000 Forums too) and try to play a little bit with the different tag types).

Best regards,
~ Florian


aaaahhhhhhh ok now I got it! I'll try to play with those different types of tags as u said. Thanks Florian, you are very helpful!!
cheeeeeeerss :slight_smile: