Tag editing

Here we go again....

I have several title tags which look like the following:

Ian AVG changed the world
Ian AVG hope
AVG DT front row seat
JCL DRY Near you.mp3

I wish to remove the first two statements, ie: Ian AVG or AVG DT leaving everything after. I have tried multiple combinations of strings in "replace with regular expression" but to no avail. For example, using the following:

Regular Expression:
^(.) (.) (.*)$

Replace Matches With:

Returns the value "world" and not "changed the world

Please help.




Or you change your RE to ^(.?) (.?) (.*)$

Thank you for the quick response, Dano, and please forgive the tardy reply. Once again you have "bailed" me out.


Hi all,

I ran across this thread while searching for a solution to my 'Tag Editing' dilemma. I have a bunch of files the look like this:

01 Bob Smith - His Greastest Works - His Greatest Works.mp3
02 Mary Ann Farr - Golden Years - Golden Years.mp3
03 etc.

These files have no Track, Artist, or Title tags. Using Convert Filename - Tag, I am able to get this split:

Track Title Artist

01 His Greastest Works - His Greatest Works Bob Smith
02 Golden Years - Golden Years Mary Ann Farr

The thing I can't figure out is how to remove one of the duplicates being that they comprise the Title Tag and the number of words in the actual title vary by track.

Ultimately, I'm trying to get to here:

Track Title Artist

01 His Greastest Works Bob Smith
02 Golden Years Mary Ann Farr

My wife and I have both been racking our brains on this for hours and hours.

We would be super grateful if someone could lend us a hand with this.

UPDATE - Please disregard this request. After posting, I came across


I played around with %Dummy% a little bit and came up the the convert filename-tag expression

%track% %artist% %artist% - %title% - %dummy%

Works great. I just hadn't read enough before posting my question...oops. This forum is spot on!