Tag Editor Of Choice

After trying a "boat load" of tag editors, and even the "automatic" ones which completely trashed my collection, I find this one to be the best by far :smiley: ,

a feature that I might have missed on install, that would be handy - is to integrate it into the "right-click" context menu - so you can easily open single files.......... I have found a way to do it, but it was a bit cumbersome...

I am dumping all of the other "tag editors" that I have accumulated, and staying with this one !!

( just my 2 cents )


You must have missed it in the installation if you don't see 'Mp3tag' in your Windows Explorer context menus. In the 'Choose Components' screen (with checkboxes), it's listed as 'Explorer Context Menu'. All you need to do is run the installer again and check this. You should then have 'Mp3tag' in context menus for both folders and individual files with supported audio extensions.

In an earlier version I used to have mp3tag in both folder and file context menus. Don't know what changed, but now it only appears in folder context menus. I'm on Windows 7, but I haven't felt motivated to track down the problem yet...

Sounds like a bug. It could be that the installer isn't correctly making the file associations or whatever needs to be done to have Mp3tag appear in the context menu for audio files. I could easily imagine something having changed in Windows 7 that would keep this from happening.

Post it to the Bug Reports forum.

On the subject of context menu, when I select a few mp3s in explorer (I'm using total commander), right-click and select mp3tag, it opens up a few instances of mp3tag windows, with only 1 file in each window.

Wondering if it is possible to have the all the selected files appearing in just one instance of mp3tag.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

That's how it should work and how it does work for me in XP. I've never seen more than one instance of Mp3tag open on my system.

Hmm.. doesn't look quite right on my Vista though. If I selected 3 MP3s for instance on explorer, the MP3tag program would pop up 3 times, each time asking for UAC permission. And only 1 mp3 would appear in each window.

Is this a Vista-only bug, or have I missed a configuration?

thanks very much for that info - "I did miss it :unsure: " - sorry so late with the thanks, been really busy sorting out my "huge" music mess.............. almost finished though :laughing:


( another 2 cents - the support here "rocks ! " )