Tag encoding in AAC+ files

Hello, everyone,

I have a question about tag encoding of AAC+ files.
I have a Nokia N73 Music Edition and a Nokia 6131 phones. I convert my music to AAC+ (aacPlus) format, to save space on those phones memory. The problem is that I don't know witch Mpeg tag encoding to use for those two phones (problems are cyrillic characters):

  1. ID3v2.4 UTF-8;
  2. ID3v2.3 UTF-16;
  3. ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.
    Can someone please tell me witch encoding to use for the Nokia N73 and for the Nokia 6131?

P.S.: BTW: Are there some variable parameters, witch inserted in the comment field, after tagging will display encoder (LAME, FHG, BLADE), bitrate, sound mode (mono, stereo, joint stereo etc) and file extension in the comment field?

P.S.2: Sorry for the multiple topics - I didn't realize that I've already posted once. You may delete the other two topics named the same way.

Thank you for your help in advance and sorry if this topic should be someplace else!

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If the application you are using wraps the audio files inside an MP4 container (extension is .mp4 or .m4a), that setting has no effect because Mp3tag uses MP4 specific tagging "standards".


No, they are not .mp4 files. They are .aac files. Usually I use Winamp for the job of conversion or Easy CD-DA Extractor.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Best wishes!

*.aac files are affected by "Ape, Mpc,.." options. You should set writing to ID3v1

OK, I've set it up as you suggested. I've set the following options in "Options -> Tags -> Ape, Mpc..." as follows:
ID3v1 - checked;
APE - checked.
ID3v1 - checked;
APEv2 - not checked.
ID3v1 - checked;
ID3v2 - checked;
APE - checked.
Hope that is what you ment and I've done it right. I'll test how it will work on my two phones as soon as possible and probably will post here to inform you about the results.

And ... what about my question about the variables that I asked in my first post in this topic? Or I should create another topic for that question (?).


Best wishes!