Tag exporting format/script doesn't respond to changes

Hello, I tried to export all tags to a .txt file and wanted to edit tags to export Title and Composer tag, so I edited and saved .mte file but nothing changed, it showed the default Artist - Album - Title etc. format...

What should I do to fix this?

Please show us the export script.
And describe what you did after you editted the script.

$filename(txt)$loop()%title%   -   %artist%   -   %composer

Clicked the edit button on mp3tag and opened in Notepad ++, edited, saved and then tried to export tags. When I restart mp3tag app and edit it again, I can see it was changed but the output .txt file is not containing changes.

If this is an accurate representation of the script then it should be %composer% (a traling % is missing).
I am not sure about the plain $loop() - it could be that is should be $loop(1)

$filename(txt)$loop(1)%title%   -   %artist%   -   %composer%

And output became Artist - Album - Title

Please check how you edit the export script - do you use the edit button after you pressed Ctrl-E or have you opened the script via the windows explorer?
It could be that you treat the wrong file.

Ctrl + E, selected the script profile (edited txt_tagfile via Edit button in my case), hit OK and viewed the output file.

Alright after seeing it in file explorer, the .mte file was unchanged. Will edit it now and check again.

I realised I have 2 installations of mp3tag in my computer so after editing both .mte files it should work well.

Nope, for some reason it doesn't. Maybe I should run mp3tag as admin?

Nope, still not the output described in the .mte files, I even checked them via Windows notepad...

Could you switch on the messages after an export?
(Ctrl-O > Messages)
That would ask you whether you want to see the result of the export. If you confirm that message, then the text file should be opened.

Yes, I use this every time. I am not browsing files to find that output .txt, mp3tag gives me dialogue window if I want to view the output.

Produces the expected output on my system: first the title, then the artist and finally the data from the composer.
So I am afraid that you have to investigate further which script you really call and where you save the resulting export.
I cannot see any problem in MP3tag with the information that you supplied.

And please check if your COMPOSER tag really contains content to export.

You can see it if you press Alt + T on one of your tracks you want to export the tags from.

Well, I reinstalled mp3tag and everything works now...

Even if you solved this by re-installing Mp3tag, usually a solution to the problem you've described would be to edit an export script with the edit button of the Export dialogue Ctrl-E or open the configuration folder with File>Open configuration folder.
This would make sure that one edits the correct script.

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