Tag field empty after changing tag in MMM


I am not sure if this is a problem with MP3Tag but maybe someone here has a good idea as to what is happening:

I use a combination of MP3Tag, MusicMagicMixer and Slimserver. Both MMM and MP3Tag allow me to change tags. I use MP3tag for most of my tagging (a brilliant progam!) but every now and then use MMM if I encounter some wrong information there. The problem is that if I change a tag in MMM, it is seen OK by Slimserver but in MP3Tag this changed tag shows up as a blank (empty) field. Also in Foobar the changed tag shows up correctly. If I change a tag in MP3tag it is seen OK by both Slimserver and MMM.

Although this is easy to work around (just use MP3TAG) I wonder what could cause this; why is the same tag seen be one program and not seen by the other.



Maybe the programs you use either write ID3v2.4 tags or Unicode tags. None of the two are currently supported by MP3Tag.

Edit: Since foobar2000 can read the tags, I guess they are Unicode rather than ID3v2.4.