Tag Field Titles - Capitalisation


This is based on using MP3Tag v2.49a and also dMC Reference Release 14.2 - registered
on an Win Xp pro machine.

This may sound a bit like a dBpoweramp issue, but I've asked over there and now ask here!

Basically I rip tracks using dBpoweramp to FLAC, clean up the tags using MP3TAG then transcode to mp3 for ipod use whilst retaining FLACs in an archive.

After cleaning up the tags, if I hover over tracks in windows explorer and get the dBpoweramp pop up info. or alternatively right click on a file and enter the dBpoweramp 'Edit ID-tag' window some of the field titles are capitalised - most are lowercase with leading cap.

I think the capitalised entries are the fields that have been changed / introduced using MP3Tag.
I assume the field titles are capitalised as MP3Tag will only let you introduce custom tags with this capitalisation - I don't understand why the display of the field titles would change though in dBpoweramp.

I see there is an option in MP3Tag to change capitalisation of the field values but is there a way of running through the tracks (batch run) to format all of the field titles themselves so they are consistent?

I know this is minor but it annoys me! :slight_smile:


Actions > Case conversion:

Anyone know if there's a way in Mp3tag to change the capitalization of a single field name? I use

Action type: Case conversion
Case conversion: Mixed Case
Words begin from/after any of: -

But I want field names like ISRC to be in all caps. The only way I've found is to copy to a temporary field, remove the field, write it back again with the desired capitalization, then remove the temp field.

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: ^isrc$
Replace matches with: ISRC

Really? ....Nice. :slight_smile:

Easily extended to handle multiple fields:

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: ^(isrc|upc)$
Replace matches with: $upper($1)
[ ] case-sensitive comparison


I never noticed that fieldnames can be written in upper and lower case letters. As Mp3tag always displays them in upper case, I thought there is no other way to write them.

Does this have any consequences for taggig?
Is it possible that certain players (e.g. buggy apps on a android smart phone) depend on lower or upper case field names to recognize them?

Mostly just cosmetic. I see them in Windows Explorer using dbpoweramp's add-in, which I use all the time to view tags (awesome little tool, BTW) and they look better and are a little easier to read in mixed case.

I have run into one application that only read some tags in a certain case. Winamp would only read ReplayGain tags in all lower case. Not sure if the latest version still has that bug.

What you're seeing is due to the behavior of the dbpoweramp Explorer shell extension. It maps some names to its own and displays these in mixed case. Others, it doesn't map at all, so you see them in the case in which they were written to the file. If you take a look at the image I posted above, it's doing this for the ReplayGain tags like REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN, which it displays as just 'Album Gain'. It's more evident with MP3 files, where all of the TALB, TPE1 IDv2 frames are mapped to their more common names.