Tag Fields

My radio station is using a new logging program which requires the album label (publisher). I believe I have added it properly and it shows up on Mp3tag and unnecessary deleted (unchecked) columns are properly not displayed. However, when I export it as "csv" to a spreadsheet (Libre Office Calc, like excel) all the entries in the 'publisher' column simply say 'publisher' and not "Capitol", "RCA", "Columbia" etc but they show up in the Mp3tag window.
Obviously I am doing something wrong, but I cannot seem to get the column filled in with the proper data and have yet to find a corresponding post/answer in the forum.

Also, the unwanted columns are gone in the Mp3tag window, they reappear in the spreadsheet, but that's a minor issue.
Thanks in advance for any help on this.

The export usually has nothing to do with the display in the files list.
So it is now time to show us the export script you use.
Or you check it yourself in an editor:
for each field that you want to export to the csv-file, you need the reference to a field variable like
or even

Thanks, and I thought I did that but I must have missed something here. The issue was when I created the 'publisher' column I edited the 'export configuration' but I forgot to put the %s around 'publisher' so that seems to have been the problem so now when I export to the spreadsheet the 'publisher' at the top of the column column shows up and shows the proper record label info for the album on the spreadsheet.

Thanks for the suggestion which forced me to go back and look closely at everything I did. I've been using the default settings for some time and just deleted the columns I didn't need from within the spreadsheet but "Spinitron", the playlist logging service the station now uses, wants to have the record label included in the CSV file.

Thanks very much for your help. I like the program and this was just a stupid error on my part.