Tag file import with FLAC

Hi MP3Tagger's :slight_smile:

I'd like to build up a complex mp3tag action to connect a totally different kind of tag system to that of our web radio station using mp3tag.

All new songs are in the same folder named with the 10 first letters of the artist, EAN and the ISRC number. e.g. MumfordSon.0602537128143.AAMPN0160427.flac (for Mumford and Sons - I'll Wait).
In addition there is a tag file with all information like title, artist name, year in a text file with the same name plus .txt.

What do I need to fill in under "filename" that my action will work?
(I tried several commands like %_path% or %_filename%. But nothing worked yet.)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Assuming you want to create tag-fields into the given flac-file from the related txt-file, using the converter "Textfile - Tag", or maybe doing this by actions ...
... at first please show us the content from the file "MumfordSon.0602537128143.AAMPN0160427.txt"
... and describe the meaning of each tag-field
... to guide you into the right direction.

See this german thread ...



Thats totally the same thing. Thanks for your help!