Tag -> Filename and existing files



First I want to say thank you very much for the excellent software ^^ It has made tagging my files an easy joy :smiley:

However, I have a problem when I try and use the tag to filename feature with many MP3s. Some of the MP3s are already in my collection, which means that I have to press "OK" on a dialog that says "File with filename 'Whatever' already exists" about 100 times :smiley:

Is it possible for this to be changed so that either this is reduced to a report of files that were skipped that is displayed at the end of the operation or do something so for example if I hold shift when I press OK it acts like I have pressed OK for all dialogs with the same message?

Thanks in advance for any help!



OK, I gave up waiting for an answer and hacked together a decidely imperfect solution together myself.

Using OllyDbg I traced the message box back to the Mp3tag.exe module, and determined that by NOPing out everything from virtual address 00470A00 to 00470A0F (i.e. from the first PUSH to the JNZ) you can make it just assume you press OK on the box. Of course, I'm going to have to reapply this patch every new version of the program, but at least it works ^^