Tag->Filename character substitution

I'm using MP3tag v2.43 under Windows XP SP3.

When I convert tags to file names, if a tag contains a character unacceptable in a file name (e.g. /), that character is simply omitted. For example:

Title tag: Vienna: Kaspar's Audition/Journey To Vienna
File name: Vienna: Kaspar's AuditionJourney To Vienna.mp3

Is there a setting whereby I can specify a default character (e.g. space or underscore) to be used instead? For example:

Title tag: Vienna: Kaspar's Audition/Journey To Vienna
should become
File name: Vienna: Kaspar's Audition Journey To Vienna.mp3
File name: Vienna: Kaspar's Audition_Journey To Vienna.mp3

I looked through the Help files and Tools/Options but didn't see how to set this.

 - Rich

You could use the script command $validate.

Just have a look in the helpfile 'main_scripting.html' and the section:

(Sorry, I use the german version of Mp3tag.)
And maybe this could help as well:

Thank you. Yes, it works to put $validate(...,-) around each format string ... in my Tag - Filename (Alt+1) Select Format String dialog. This is most of what I wanted, and I very much appreciate your suggestion. However, I still would prefer a global default setting, without having to explicitly call function $validate in every format string.

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I would like to repeat Rich's request! I have found this to be a slight nuisance.

Edit: although before complaining I should say that the program as a whole is excellent!