Tag - Filename conversion


When doing a Tag - Filename conversion, is it possible for Mp3tag to check all the tags for non-filename-safe characters before starting the conversion proper?

I'm using the conversion as the final stage in the tagging process, to move the MP3 to my server, so it takes a while for each file (especially with FLACs!) and currently the invalid character dialog doesn't pop up until the conversion process gets to the file in question. If the first dodgy character's in file 18, I have to either sit there and wait for the prompt to come up, or get back after leaving the process to find that it's been running for 2 hours and hasn't finished because it's been waiting for input!

Alternatively, I'd be happy if I could just say "OK to all" in advance, from the options window :slight_smile:



You can use the build in scripting function $validate to replace all invalid characters by a safe one, e.g.:

$validate("%artist% - %album%", "")$num("%track%",2) $validate("%title%", "")

Best regards,
~ Florian