Tag->FileName enhancement


Hi Florian,

I must be using up my credit for the enhancements being suggested...

OK, my working practise is as follows:

  1. Retag
  2. Tag->Filename

Simple enough, except when I want to place the files in different folders in this working session.

For example:

for real artists I want to choose the "x:\Music\Artists" Folder
for various artists I want to use the "x:\Music\Various" Folder
and for everthing that cannot be matched I want to use the "x:\Music$$$NoMatch" Folder

Based on my working practice I have to continuously edit the Tag->FileName Format String...painful

I am thinking that the Tag-Filename Dialog could be modified to be a table of say MAX 5 entries with a radio button to allow selection of the now "permanent" Tag-FileName format string.

The radio button would of course have to be "session bound" that is fixed selection until changed and then changed back....if that makes sense.

I do not think a dropdown list work work in this instance as it means too many "finger clicks"...therefore this should not be countenanced.

Thoughts from others also appreciated.

PS - can you make the box wider - it's a pain having to home/end the textbox to find out where you are especially with all the scripting functions in the format...

I Know it is designed for people with "640" screens but for those of us with 1024 or 1280 screens it is a real pain...maybe screen resolution should be a selected option (or programmed) allowing the appropriate box sizing for screen resolution.

With kindest regards
and keep up the excellent work...



Hi Sean,

sorry, but I have no plans to change the way it's handled at the moment.

This sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


I've added dialog resizing abilities to the converter dialogs with the current Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian